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Double Duty Parts

By Steve Grosekemper

It is no secret that in the ever-intensifying race for ease of manufacture and increasing profits, many car manufacturers use common parts for different models in their line-ups.  Porsche is no exception to this rule, as can be seen in the headlights of original Boxsters and 996’s.  While they may not have intended it, they have been making parts that can be installed on more than their intended application for several years now.  While this headlight comparison is a quick and easy one to see, there are other parts serving double duty that are not so obvious.   In fact, there are some possibilities that are not so obvious even to Porsche, but became obvious to me through years of working on these fine automobiles.

Part #1
This part was the subject of my very first tech article back in 1998.   The part in question was originally intended for bearing spacing deep down in the bottom of a 928 steering column.   Many years ago, while overhauling said steering column, I came across this little spacer and it called out to me.   “What other application could I be used for?” I stared at the part for quite a while; then it hit me like a ton of bricks.   911 steering wheel bearing insert!   You see, there is a plastic insert between the shaft and the bearing of ’74-’89 911’s steering columns.   As it ages, it deteriorates and crumbles into so much dust leaving a very loose, sloppy feeling steering wheel.   While the wheel cannot fall off, it certainly gives the driver a low confidence feeling.   Most Porsche parts websites have picked up on this, and have added this part to their offerings (at about twice the Porsche list price).   The part number is 928.347.739.02 .

Figure #1

Note the 928 split sleeve between the bearing and shaft.

The repair is quite simple and completed as follows:
· Remove horn pad.
· Mark the steering wheel to shaft orientation (to maintain a straight wheel when completed) .
· Remove steering wheel nut and washer.
· Pull off steering wheel.
· Remove “C” clip from steering column.
· Remove the remaining debris at steering wheel bearing.
· Slide on the new metal bearing insert.
· Reinstall the “C” clip, the steering wheel, nut, washer and horn pad… Done.

Part #2

The second part also comes from a 928, and by chance is doing double duty on a 911 again (is this a trend?).   The problem this time has to due with the straps for the air cleaner housing (on ’73 1/2 -’83 CIS injected cars).   These straps are pulled very tightly and with the high under hood temperatures, breakage is only a matter of time. 928’s have a very similar strap, but unlike the flat 911 strap, it has two reinforcing ribs in it.   These extra ribs give the 928 straps almost double the strength of the standard 911 straps.   Installation is as easy as hooking on the bottom end and pulling really hard!

Figure 2

911 Standard Strap (Left). Part # 911.110.365.01 –

928 Ribbed Strap (Right). Part # 928.110.363.01 –

Part #3

Our third multi-tasking part is from; you guessed it, a 928.   Is this proof of the superior design of the 928 or does it just mean that these are merely really fast parts cars? (I’ll let you decide). There are many times when we need a good spot for a high current battery B+ connection. Whether you are relocating a battery to a remote area, or need a hookup under the car to activate the power locks when the battery goes dead, this is it. This little gem lies on the passenger side fender of a 928. There you will find a battery positive stud with an integrated insulating cap. The B+ junction will handle up to 100 amps and mounts easily just about anywhere with two small screws.

Figure #3

This power junction post was used in a battery re-location job but it has many other varied uses.

The assembly consists of three separate pieces. The base piece, which mounts to the car, is an insulated block with a metal thread insert in the center. The second piece is a threaded metal post to easily access power. The third piece is an insulating cap and tether to keep the post from shorting out when coming into contact with other metal items.

· Base piece 928.612.867.00 –
· Threaded post 928.612.868.01 –
· Insulating cover 999.612.073.00 –

As you can see, parts are not always just parts.  With a creative mind, the correct parts are an opportunity to make a great car even better, even if Porsche hadn’t intended it that way.