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911 Dash Electrical Fire Prevention

By Steve Grosekemper

One of the most terrifying experiences a Porsche owner may ever be faced with
is an electrical fire while driving. A short in the dash illumination circuit
usually causes the situation. The problem with this circuit is that it is
unfused. When part of the circuit shorts to ground (usually caused by chafed
wiring, bad bulb holders, or other unexplained circumstances), the current load
greatly exceeds the capacity of the wire, causing heat, fire and of course
highly elevated repair bills. The overheated wire lives inside a large wiring
harness, which takes only minutes to be completely destroyed.

Fortunately, this disaster is easily averted. An inline fuse holder can be
installed at pin # 58L of the headlight switch. Then if a short does occur, the
fuse (3 amp) blows before any damage is done.

Installation instructions:

1. Disconnect the battery.
2. Remove headlight switch knob and them switch bezel
3. Remove the headlight switch.
4. Disconnect the black and violet (#58L) wire from the switch.
5. Install an inline fuse holder between pin 58L and the black and violet wire.
NOTE: Install connectors at each end of the fuse holder (1 male, 1 female, spade type).
6. Insulate wire end of fuse holder with 3/8″ heat shrink tubing.
7. Reinstall headlight switch and reconnect battery.
8. Turn on the headlights and remove the 3-amp fuse from the holder.

Did the dash lights go out?

Congratulations! Your update is now complete (after you reinstall the fuse, of course).

Good Luck!