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Boxster / 996 Filter Service

(Clean air for you and your car) By Steve Grosekemper When most Porsche owners obtain a new vehicle they spend an excess of time cleaning and polishing their new acquisition. After the car is so clean that the glare becomes a danger to oncoming traffic, and water beads off the owners hands, we usually see […]

944 Shift Rod Repair

By Steve Grosekemper   Whenever I start a large project I take a look at surrounding items to see if there is anything else in the area that might need attention. In the case of 944-transaxle and/or clutch removal one of the things I look at, amongst others is the shifter and shift rod. The […]

Boxster Coolant Tank Failure

By Steve Grosekemper While Porsche has gotten along with air-cooling for their sports cars for the past 50 years or so, it has come to my attention that all Porsche models are water-cooled, and have been since 1999. The reason for this new-fangled water-cooling is that it maintains a more uniform control over cylinder head […]

Buying a Used Porsche

By Steve Grosekemper Buying a Porsche, for most people, is a huge event in their life. Most people have to save for, and then extensively research, their vehicle of choice. Whether a 356 or 996 you will be able to find more information than you can possibly digest. The best place to start is PCA. […]