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Here you will find pages on technical write-ups we have done, monthly specials as well as unique parts we are selling. Please feel free to register and comment or ask questions. We look forward to hearing from you….

Boxster / 996 Filter Service

(Clean air for you and your car)

By Steve Grosekemper

When most Porsche owners obtain a new vehicle they spend an excess of time cleaning and polishing their new acquisition. After the car is so clean that the glare becomes a danger to oncoming traffic, and water beads off the owners hands, we usually see the next step in the condition, known as “new owner fildle-i-tous”.

The next level in “fiddle-I-tous” is more of a hands on phase of the condition. However, in the case of 996’s and Boxster’s, there is very little that you can actually get your hands on. The 996 engine bay Continue reading ›

944 Shift Rod Repair

By Steve Grosekemper


Whenever I start a large project I take a look at surrounding items to see if there is anything else in the area that might need attention. In the case of 944-transaxle and/or clutch removal one of the things I look at, amongst others is the shifter and shift rod. The shift rod is a tube, approximately 5 feet long, that connects the shifter itself with the transaxle shift selector shaft. This rod can only be removed with the transaxle out of the car.

It is quite common to have an extremely worn shifter cause loose shifting in Continue reading ›

Boxster Coolant Tank Failure

By Steve Grosekemper

While Porsche has gotten along with air-cooling for their sports cars for the past 50 years or so, it has come to my attention that all Porsche models are water-cooled, and have been since 1999. The reason for this new-fangled water-cooling is that it maintains a more uniform control over cylinder head temperatures. Air-cooling was much simpler and best of all, never suffered from coolant leaks. Or always did, but that was OK as well.

For better or worse water-cooling is here to stay, so we better get used to it. Modern cooling systems are sealed and once filled should never need additional coolant.

If a cooling system does lose its fill, Continue reading ›

Buying a Used Porsche

By Steve Grosekemper

Buying a Porsche, for most people, is a huge event in their life. Most people have to save for, and then extensively research, their vehicle of choice. Whether a 356 or 996 you will be able to find more information than you can possibly digest.

The best place to start is PCA. There are so many people owning so many different models, you are bound to find an expert on Continue reading ›